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The Perfect Partnership For HMP Doncaster

HMP Doncaster & Serco Download Case Study Small

Our Resan® sanitary ware specialists recently worked with Serco’s Facility Management team to develop bespoke Dudley Resan WC backplates, basins and basin brackets.

The solution delivered has proven to be exceptionally hard-wearing whilst saving both time and money.

The partnership with Dudley Resan® and the bespoke products that have been developed have enabled Serco to realise significant benefits:

  • 90% reduction in the number of basins and brackets broken
  • 95% reduction in the number of WC pans broken
  • 40% reduction in typical replacement sanitary ware installation time
  • 90% reduction in revenue lost due to cell downtime.
  • The convenience of being able to order WC pans, basins, brackets and other products from a single source of supply
  • Security of and responsiveness of supply via Thomas Dudley’s customer-driven stock agreements which provide the reassurance of knowing that a guaranteed, predetermined stock level will be maintained for every specified product

To find out more read our case study on the project below:

HMP Doncaster & Serco Download Case Study
HMP Doncaster & Serco Download Case Study