All Resan® products are designed to withstand purposeful destruction in the washroom. Being cast in a single piece and using a bespoke blend of polyester resin and aluminium tri-hydrate, we have developed a solution which is incredibly strong but also has a very durable long-lasting finish.

Public services such as public toilets, libraries, outdoor activity centres and job centres, are particularly susceptible to wear and tear through use and unstructured maintenance programmes.

The fittings we use in Resan® are strong enough to withstand use in unattended washrooms while still being very easy to look after with simple cleaning solutions. Importantly, Resan® works a fine balance between extreme robustness and good-looking washrooms. Vandal resistance will always be high on the agenda in local authority applications but increasingly, Estates Managers and Council facilities managers are using Resan solid surface sanitary ware for its ceramic-like appearance and the benefits of its renewable surface.

Hygiene is also a key requirement in a modern washroom. Resan® WC pans are designed with a full rimless design which is very easy to clean and prevent scale build-up and deposits. This is highly advantageous as the cleaning process is simplified for ongoing regular cleaning. No special liquids or cleaning products are required to maintain Resan® solid surface sanitary ware.

Resan® also supports environmental and water efficiency targets. Resan® WC pans can operate with a 6-litre full flush and 4 litres reduced flush function, or 5-litre full flush and 3 litres reduced flush function, fully compliant to BS EN 997. Our water controls also have run time monitoring and automatic shut off during repeated use, which helps prevent flood damage and vandalism and support buildings looking to achieve BREEAM certification.

Resan® WC pans are available for specification within disabled toilets, having both raised height and extended projection version available to comply with Doc M requirements. We also manufacture colour differentiated integral seats, which can assist with compliance and also stylising the washroom. Bespoke colours are available on request while blue and grey are our standard offerings.

We can complement our basins and WC pans with solid surface mirrors using a reflective scratch-resistant polycarbonate which completes single room washrooms. Bespoke sizes can be manufactured upon project specification consultation

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