Research has shown that by limiting access to methods where self-harm can occur is effective in its prevention.

Standard bathroom fixtures and fittings pose a risk of ligature and alternate products must be sourced in order to achieve the same function, yet provide a safe environment for both patients and staff.

The primary functions of anti-ligature products are the prevention of anyone from using them as a means from which to attach anything to inflict harm on themselves or others

Bathroom Products used in medical environments such as Care Homes, Custodial Units, Prisons and Mental Health Facilities that are considered anti-ligature must meet the requirements needed to be safe and secure for use in institutions.

further consideration is of items that can be removed or broken by force. These items could potentially be used as a weapon for a patient to hurt themselves or others.

By identifying these risks and using products that minimise this risk through innovative product design, the design team at Resan® have focussed on developing a range of bathroom furniture to eliminate the possibility of attaching a wire or cord around the product and removing access to any method where self-harm can occur.

If you install products in institutional buildings, you will often come across the term “anti-ligature furniture” and in these situations, it is recommended to seek professional advice from the specialist manufacturer of acceptable hardware or the advice from groups such as

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