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PROVEN INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE IN commercial washroom fixtures & FITTINGS

Commercial washroom fixtures and facilities such as nightclubs and retail environments incur high footfall traffic and various users, some intent or trying to vandalise washrooms, or through accidental use.

Dudley RESAN® ​ provides facility managers and owners with high quality, heavy-duty, commercial vandal-resistant washroom fixtures that appear modern and styled like ceramic.


Shopping centres of all sizes as well as numerous leisure facilities frequently see accidental damage and vandalised washrooms, typically due to washrooms being unattended. Sanitary ware that looks fresh and modern, like vitreous china ceramic, but as tough as stainless steel is available from Resan®. Most Resan WC pans utilise an integral seat which prevents vandalism from plastic seats being torn off, however, we can offer a plastic seat for situations that require it. We also offer disabled WC pan variants which can be raised the height and extended projection.

Resan® commercial washroom fixtures are manufactured from a bespoke blend of polyester resin and aluminium trihydrate. Most product is cast in a single piece for the ultimate anti-vandal sanitary ware solution. Plus, being a bespoke blend, Resan® achieves an incredibly high standard of gloss finish, looking very similar to ceramic alternatives. It does not use a gel coat layer unlike fibreglass composite offers, which means the surface is constantly renewable; a major advantage during minor washroom refurbs that minimises cost. Resan’s modern WC pan design is fully rimless, ensuring utmost hygiene and cleaning efficiency while reducing scale build up deposits.

Resan® can withstand abuse typically seen in leisure facilities, the most commonly seen in nightclubs is when gloss bottles are dropped into toilets sumps, consistently smashing the vitreous china toilet. With Resan®, this will not happen. Another example we have seen quite frequently is where users will stand on the toilet. With ceramic versions, over time the pan will shatter, potentially causing injury. Resan® withstands a load of 400kg being applied the WC pan’s integral seat.

Reducing the burden of planned preventative maintenance is a constant strain. With Resan®, not only are ‘out of order’ signs a thing of the past as washrooms remain in constant using, but Resan® flush controls and water management systems ensure peak water efficiency to keep running costs low while stopping potential flooding. Resan® WC can operate at 5-litre full flush and 3 litres reduced flush where water saving is a key priority and supports BREEAM initiatives.


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