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Dudley Resan renews its Design In Mental Health Membership
Dudley Resan is delighted to announce their continued membership of the design in mental health network. We have recently renewed our membership on the back of another fantastic year of engaging with fellow members and industry professionals on the impact of product design in the mental health and medical sector. The Design in Mental Health Network brings together all those with an interest in mental...
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What Is Anti-Ligature?
Anti-Ligature refers to a solution or product requirement that prevents a ligature from staying secure or fixing point for a ligature to be attached. Designing bathroom facilities for patients suffering from mental health illnesses it is essential that during the planning process you identify all points where a cord, rope, or bed sheet can be attached to a washroom fixture. A failure to identify those...
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The Perfect Partnership For HMP Doncaster
Our Resan® sanitary ware specialists recently worked with Serco’s Facility Management team to develop bespoke Dudley Resan WC backplates, basins and basin brackets. The solution delivered has proven to be exceptionally hard-wearing whilst saving both time and money. The partnership with Dudley Resan® and the bespoke products that have been developed have enabled Serco to realise significant benefits: 90% reduction in the number of basins...
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