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Resan products are used in prison cells, NHS mental health units, care home rooms for special needs, outside toilet blocks and nightclubs. In fact, Resan® products can be used in any areas that require robustness and ant-ligature in the specification. 

We use high percentage of Resan Polymer in the manufacturing process. This means that our hand polished products have a porcelain high gloss look making the product aesthetics look less institutionalised. Our products are MOJ approved for robustness and anti-ligature! Resan® products have been submitted to the new BRE anti-ligature scheme. 

Within the Resan range you will find the following toilet pans: a standard height toilet pan available with a grey or blue rim. A raised height toilet pan available with a white, grey and blue rim. There are two fixing types for the Resan® pans, these are bolt to floor and bolt through wall. 

Yes by adding an extension box which will throw the pan forward. 

The cistern will be a top access cistern so an access panel will be required. Infra-red and pneumatic single flush cisterns are available from our range 

Two options are available, a dual hole basin for infra-red controls and a dual hole basin for pneumatic controls. No mains power is required for the pneumatic controls. The waste is from the rear with a solvent weld pipe (not supplied) 

The pneumatic controls are operated by manually pushing them in. They only have one setting adjustment which is the run-on time. This can be set between 5 seconds to 5 minutes. The infra-red controls are wave on and have three settings available. Run on time, actuation distance and lock out level’s timings. 

The controls are adjusted with a remote control (sold separately) 

Yes, we have both a ceiling and a wall mounted showerhead 

As with the Resan® basin a pneumatic and infra-red control version is available for the showerhead. Note: Only one control is required to operate the shower. 

Yes, pneumatic manual push and run on setting time. Infra-red wave on with remote control for adjusting the settings 

The thermostatic mixing valve supplies a blended supply of water from the hot water supply. This can be adjusted to a required temperature for the basin and shower. It prevents people being scalded from the hot water supply. 

Scratches and scuff marks can be polished out with wet and dry paper and a polishing compound. 

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