Washroom settings typically see 24 hours a day use, with periods of high traffic footfall. Resan® can support a very good solution to withstand heavy use, potential damage situations and reduced maintenance requirements.

Resan® WC pans have been specified into factories where previous vitreous china was deployed. Some users have been known to stand on toilets rather than sit and this has caused the existing pan to shatter. While habits are challenging to change, Resan helps with this situation. Not only does it use an integral seat as a stand, but the WC pan also withstands a 400kg load being applied to it. Together, seat breakages are removed and WC pan breakages are no longer reported.

Our solid surface sanitary ware has been blended to produce a bespoke finish that is extremely durable, robust and long-lasting. Not only is the surface layer renewable, but it can also be provided in a high gloss finish which has the appearance of vitreous china alternatives. It offers a strong alternative to traditional stainless-steel offers that look dated and conducive to an unwelcoming washroom environment. The surface layer does not require a specialist cleaning regime nor does it require specialist cleaning products. Where staining occurs, the solid surface sanitary ware can be refinished on-site with minimal fuss using simple wet and dry compounds and polishes. This is of particular value when compared to fibreglass composite alternatives that do not have this benefit.

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Reliable & heavy duty
Aesthetically pleasing