Wide-ranging healthcare environments often demand a normal in appearance sanitaryware solution that is also extremely robust to wide-ranging challenges of misuse. Resan® presents an extremely credible alternative to stainless steel, as it looks very similar to more common vitreous China ceramic sanitary ware, but has similar robustness qualities to stainless steel and in fact has advantages over stainless steel in that it cannot dent and is not easily scratched. Its infinitely renewable surface layer can also be refreshed, removing any unlikely staining that may occur and, thanks to Resan’s material composition, is non-flammable and chemical resistant.

Particular attention has been paid to the aesthetic design of our WC pan. Many alternatives are said to look too dated and traditional in design. We have designed our WC pan to have modern curves and styling, while still having optimum anti-ligature qualities, particularly relevant to most healthcare specifications. Our fully rimless bowl design ensures optimum flushing but also has no ledges or difficult shapes to be cleaned and maintained, thus reducing the likelihood of scale build-up. Our WC pan design was recognised as a shortlisted candidate for concept product innovation of the year at the Design in Mental Health awards before being released into full production.

Another key advantage with Resan® for healthcare applications is that thanks to our bespoke blend of polyester resin and aluminium tri-hydrate, we have developed a highly polished finish that gives a very glossy finish. This helps reduce the demand for aggressive cleaning regimes and is hygienic in nature, it is also a renewable surface that can be refinished to a high standard on-site with minimal labour or materials. This is particularly advantageous when compared to fibreglass composite alternatives that use a gel coat layer as the final finish that is challenging to repair on site.

Electronic touch-free infrared and piezo sensor controls can be mated with our sanitaryware, as well as pneumatic controls. Run times and lockout times can be managed with our electronic controls for water efficiency and flood prevention. Pneumatic controls represent a budget-fitting cost and can easily be reconfigured on-site post-installation, while still being robust and anti-vandal in design.

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