Custodial applications such as prisons, detention centres and police custody suites, are increasingly coming up against the challenge of providing washroom facilities that have reduced ligature potential, durable to last, yet also similar to normal sanitary ware found in homes.

Resan® for many years has presented a very credible alternative to stainless steel and lesser vitreous china ceramic sanitary ware. The risk to the prisoner is substantially reduced using Resan® and this has been recognised with our range receiving Ministry of Justice Safer Cell Approval in 2019. High impact, non-flammable and chemical resistance are standard with all Resan® products.

The majority of products from Resan® are cast in a single piece, creating an extremely solid reliable sanitary ware solution. This sturdy construction method means the chances of product failure are substantially reduced and has been proven on-site to outlast alternatives such as stainless steel and vitreous china ceramic sanitary ware.

All Resan® products have been designed to be simple to clean and maintain on-site. Our WC pan utilises a fully rimless design, which not only is anti-ligature but also extremely hygienic and easy to clean. Its step-free design helps prevent scale build-up which can cause staining over time.

We can combine our sanitary ware with water control systems that limit run time of basin taps as well as shut off water supplies completely to prevent flooding. Regulators used with our integral taps help prevent legionella infection and regular purge cycle are available with water controls.

We have worked with local facilities managers on bespoke sanitary ware solutions for their specific environment. This has helped reduce cell downtime which can prove costly to Estates budgets. Resan® reduces total cost of ownership as it is substantially less likely to break during extended periods of abuse.

For situations where it is required, we offer disabled variants of our WC pans for certain project specifications, this is particularly relevant in healthcare units of prisons as well as specified cells and custody suites.

Finally, Resan’s surface finish is infinitely renewable on-site with the minimum of materials. It does not use a gel coat layer, unlike fibreglass composite alternatives which cannot be renewed easily or at low cost.

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