This long-standing traditional approach to school washroom refurbishment is dated and not cohesive to enhancing to today’s modern standards. Resan answers this call with a modern styled sanitary ware solution that is vandal-resistant and highly durable to a range of circumstances.


School sanitary ware has in the past been quite limited in choice, particularly when it comes to the availability of heavy-duty versions. Resan® provides an effective sanitary ware solution for specialised educational circumstances where users may cause accidental or deliberate damage to the washroom fixtures while also promoting a positive normalised environment.

Resan® offers a safe, clean ceramic appearance with the reliability and robustness of stainless steel which is critically important for managers keen to look after user welfare and maintain heavy use washroom facilities in an educational establishment.

Ease of maintenance is key in large educational facilities. Our renewable surface layer means that the sanitaryware can be brought back to a refreshed finish even after long term use. This is a major advantage over products that have been given a gel coat layer (typically seen in fibreglass composite sanitary ware) and is uniquely different to stainless steel, which not only looks institutional in design and can dent and scratch easily during use.

Cleaning of Resan® is simple using non-specialist cleaning products and thanks to Resan’s fully rimless WC pan design, is quick and effective. The rimless design also ensures optimum flushing and has no ledges or difficult shapes to be cleaned and maintained, thus reducing the likelihood of scale build-up.

Resan® also supports environmental and water efficiency agenda. Resan® WC pans can operate with a 6-litre full flush and 4 litres reduced flush function, or 5-litre full flush and 3 litres reduced flush function, fully compliant to BS EN 997. Our water controls also have run time monitoring and automatic shut off during repeated use, which helps prevent flood damage and vandalism and support buildings looking to achieve BREEAM certification.

Resan® WC pans utilise an integral seat which prevents seats being damaged or torn off, however plastic seat version is available for situations where washrooms will see medium-duty use.

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Reliable & heavy duty
Aesthetically pleasing