The Resan WC pan utilises a bespoke mix of polyester resin and aluminium tri-hydrate filler that allows us to offer a highly durable long-lasting finish alongside incredibly reliable vandal resistant properties, reducing possible damage through abuse. Our WC pan does not have a gel coat layer, so the surface can be refreshed on-site through simple refinishing of the product, which is particularly advantageous when compared to fibreglass composite alternatives.

Utilising modern styling, our WC pan helps to normalise the environment, making use of a fully rimless hygienic flush design, with no ledges or steps with the internal bowl shape, reducing the chances of staining sanitaryware as water is prevented from staying on surfaces where limescale can build up.

This raised height WC is considered as ‘comfort height’ being 475mm high rather than the standard 415mm. An extension box is also provided which extends the projection of the pan out from the wall to 750mm from the standard 500mm. This ensures full compliance towards ‘Doc M’ (Approved Document M). Both these features are particularly useful in care home applications but also in less abled facilities and washrooms.

Standard white WC pans are cast in a single piece, reducing join joints which are difficult to clean and enhancing strength.

The contrasting colour seat (when specified) is integral to the WC pan. It is permanently bonded, non-moveable or removable and is available in both blue and grey colours, with other bespoke colours available during project consultation. All coloured seats are cast of the same material as our WC pans and the colour is throughout the product, therefore if it is scratched, it can simply be refinished on-site with the minimum of fuss or time.

The waste spigot height is 229mm.

Contrasting colour integral seats are available with a range of Resan WC Pans. These are particularly suitable for public washrooms which must conform to Approved Document M as well as environments such as Care Homes and Disabled Washroom facilities.

Approvals & Ratings

  • Non-Flammable – BS476 Pt 6 & 7 Class ‘0’ and Class ‘1’
  • ISO EN 19712-3-2007 Rated 5 for durability, stain resistance and cigarette burns
  • BS EN 997 6/4 Litre and 5/3 Flush Approval
  • BREEAM rated
  • CE Marked