Resan® WC Pan – Standard Height, c/w Seat Fixing Holes

Damage Resistant Toilet Pan, Standard Height with Polished Resin for Gloss Effect - with Seat Fixing Holes



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Damage Resistant Toilet Pan Standard Height with Polished Resin for Gloss Effect.

Utilising modern styling, our WC pan helps normalising the environment, making use of a fully rimless hygienic flush design, with no ledges or steps within the internal bowl shape, reducing the chances of staining sanitaryware as water is prevented from staying on surfaces where lime scale can build up.

A heavy duty ABS plastic seat is provided with this version of our WC Pan. This is particularly useful where specifications ask for a separate seat and lid, rather than our integral seat WC. This would typically be used in medium duty applications or where users must be able to use the WC as a seat; typically seen in secure prison environments. If the seat is damaged, it is easily replaced and the fixing points to the WC are permanently bonded in.


  • Standard white WC pans are cast in a single piece, reducing join joints which are difficult to clean and enhancing strength
  • The waste spigot height is 229mm
  • Seat is NOT included in this model [320725]
  • Contrasting colour integral seats are available with a range of Resan WC Pans
  • Non-Flammable – BS476 Pt 6 & 7 Class ‘0’ and Class ‘1
  • ISO EN 19712-3-2007 Rated 5 for durability, stain resistance and cigarette burns
  • BS EN 997 6/4 Litre and 5/3 Flush Approval
  • BREEAM rated
  • CE Marked


UK family business
Reliable & heavy duty
Aesthetically pleasing